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Инфорамация за с.Изгрев

Изгрев е тихо и спокойно селце, разположено в подножието на Национален природен парк „Странджа“ и само на 5 км.  от  морския бряг и най- хубавите плажове и живописни заливи на Южното черноморие. В Изгрев ще усетите прегръдката на планинския климат, а близостта на плажовете, ще бъде още едно предимство и удобство за вашата лятна почивка.


Начало Information Beglik Tash
Thracian sanctuary in place "Beglik Tash"
In 2003 it was revealed unique Thracian sanctuary Beglik Tash ", which is defined as the earliest found so far megalith Thracian sanctuary in southeastern Thrace and the Black Sea coast. Studies have shown that since the end of the Bronze Age (XIII v.pr. Hr.) here is boiling active human activity. The finds prove that the shrine was visited exclusively by the Thracians. Connects to the cult of the fertility goddess - Mother and Orficheskoto dedication and immortalization of the hero.

The sanctuary consists of a central portion and two rounds of smaller structures around it with a total area of approximately 6 hectares. Large rocks were partially processed by the human hand and assembled on site, and the stone slabs and blocks are arranged in unique shapes. In the flat rocks are hewn stone circles, baths and Brand steps. Residential building and cult foci complement the evidence of human activity here.

Excavations began in 2003. Territory of the sanctuary was cleared by her cover shrubs and trees. More to the start of excavation materials were found which clearly proved that worked here long Thracian sanctuary of XIV v.pr. Hr. to IV century.

In 2003 were cleared and examined the remains of the medieval church of St. Paraskeva.

n October 2004 the excavations were continued in the central part and has set new drilling north of the center of the sanctuary. It is here for the first time found evidence that the site is adjacent to the complex religious, service rooms, and the estimated actual territory than expected.
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