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Инфорамация за с.Изгрев

Изгрев е тихо и спокойно селце, разположено в подножието на Национален природен парк „Странджа“ и само на 5 км.  от  морския бряг и най- хубавите плажове и живописни заливи на Южното черноморие. В Изгрев ще усетите прегръдката на планинския климат, а близостта на плажовете, ще бъде още едно предимство и удобство за вашата лятна почивка.


Начало Information Stranja

Nature Park Strandja

1Natural Park Strandja receive this status in 1995 in an area it occupies about 1 percent of the territory of Bulgaria and incorporates her five reserves - Silikosia, Tisovitsa, Sredoka, and Vitanovo Uzunbudzhak / Lopushna / and 12 protected sites, architectural reserve in the village of Ivy and folklore reserve in the village of Bulgari.

The array of Strandja Mountain is located in the southeastern part of the country and reaches north to the town of Bourgas, and south as far as Istanbul. The landscape is broken by rounded was low on. The highest point in the territory of Bulgaria is top Gradishteto - 710 m above sea level

The two largest rivers in the territory of the park are Rezvaya or Rezovska s Veleka. Both spring from Turkey, Rezovska River describes Over its southeastern border of Bulgaria with Turkey. Therefore, it is border river, it is much less studied and opoznata. Veleka River is 147 kilometers long. and is one of the most beautiful rivers in Bulgaria.

The park meet many animal and plant species typical of the Mediterranean and Asia Minor. The park is rich in deciduous forests and some rare species of plants, animals and insects.

2Guidelines tourism park Strandja is determined mainly by its status. As part of the Black Sea fleet construction is very limited, which is the reason for poor attendance in the mass of tourists. In the area of villages and Sinemorets Rezovo prefer to vacation more people who love peace and harmony with nature. Weak construction is the reason for the relatively clean beaches and forests, and in quiet resting places.

Ecotourism is highly respected in Strandja. Besides the usual routes for walking, here tourists can come and unique places such as Bulgari and Ivy villages, to enjoy the mystical dance of the dancers and to taste dishes unique Strandja around villages.



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