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Инфорамация за с.Изгрев

Изгрев е тихо и спокойно селце, разположено в подножието на Национален природен парк „Странджа“ и само на 5 км.  от  морския бряг и най- хубавите плажове и живописни заливи на Южното черноморие. В Изгрев ще усетите прегръдката на планинския климат, а близостта на плажовете, ще бъде още едно предимство и удобство за вашата лятна почивка.


Начало Information Reserve Silikosia
Reserve Silikosia

1Silikosia reserve and forest reserve is located in Strandja Mountain, between the villages of Bulgari and Bones and comprises part of the catchment of the River Veleka. This is the oldest reserve in the country - so named for early in 1931 in order to conserve the vegetation around him. Since Its altitude not exceeding 250 meters, this is the lowest reserve in Bulgaria.

It appears very rich variety of plants, some of which are rare, while others are specific to other latitudes, which makes the place very interesting from a scientific standpoint. At the bottom of a swamp reserve areas.

Here there is a plant inversion phenomenon - under normal conditions beech trees occupy the colder areas of higher altitude and oak are in the lower parts. In Silikosia seen the opposite - beech forests are located in the lower parts and in valley areas, while oak forests are located in high places
In more humid parts of the reserve have been observed following plant species - Strandzha periwinkle, lavrovishna, Caucasian blueberry, plain yew, Caucasian primrose, cyclamen and other spring. Here is also the only habitat of wild medlar in Europe.

Fauna in Silikosia also rich. Of amphibians here are representatives of the green toad, frog darvestnitsa
Nest here and many interesting birds - Golden Oriole, Nightingale, Blackcap least, Whitethroat, Blackbird, Jay, Chaffinch, vodove various woodpeckers, raptors and mammals are found dr.Ot wild cat, marten, marten, wolf, wild pig and others.

Source: http://www.bulgariainside.com/


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