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Izgrev! Hidden in the warm embrace of the mountain and still in close proximity to the Black sea. That is the desired spot for your summer vacation.

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Strandzha Nature Park

Strandzha Nature Park aquires this status in 1995. It encompasses an area that occupies about 1 percent of the territory of Bulgaria. Park Strandzha incorporates five reserves - Silkosia, Tisovitsa, Sredoka, and Vitanovo Uzunbudzhak / Lopushna /; 12 protected sites, an architectural reserve in the village of Brashlyan and a folklore reserve in the village of Balgari.

Thracian sanctuary in the sacred "Beglik Tash"

In 2003 the unique Thracian sanctuary Beglik Tash was discovered. It is defined as the earliest megalith Thracian sanctuary in southeastern Thrace and the Black Sea coast. Studies have shown traces of human activity since the end of the Bronze Age (XIII BC). The findings prove that the shrine was visited exclusively by the Thracians who worshipped the goddess of fertility.

Fire dancing (Nestinarstvo)

The fire dancing is a unique blend of peagan and an Orthodox ritual which takes place on the 3rd June. Therefore is the village of Balgari a preserved site by UNESCO as a cultural herritage.

Reserve Silkosia

Silkosia is a nature reserve in Strandzha Nature Park, located in the homonymous mountain, southeastern Bulgaria. Its territory close to the villages Kosti and Balgari. Silkosia is the oldest reserve in the country, declared on 23 July 1931 in order to protect the evergreen bushes unique for Europe.